The Sword Of Justice

Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS

          The P-Noy phenomenon is now beginning to unravel the culture of corruption in the Philippines, starting from the top echelons in the military. If Noynoy were not the president, there would not have been any Heidi Mendoza or George Rabusa coming out of the woodwork to spill the beans. An honest man at the top can be infectious. Could this be the start of The Winds of Change, our battle cry for the Noynoy campaign a year ago?

          Indeed, one person can make a difference. A world of difference that could lead to a wonderful domino effect in changing a nation and its people.

          Now that the Pandora’s box has been exposed, let those government crooks still with a conscience come forward, confess, return their loot, accept their fate, and go to jail, or, follow the “more honorable” path taken by former AFP Chief, General Angelo Reyes, who took his own life before his mother’s grave last Tuesday, February 8th.  Hopefully, his remorse will include the return of the millions he received as “payola or pabaon” back to the government coffers. After all, that money still belongs to the people. This huge amount could certainly help thousands upon thousands of the poorest of the poor Filipinos languishing in poverty in the Philippines. And if all the thieves and plunderers in the government would return what they have stolen, poverty in the Philippines could be significantly minimized, if not eradicated.  For the sake of the country and our suffering people, we pray that justice will someday soon be finally served.

          So, let us hope that the domino effect of The Winds of Change will continue to bring more honest people, and more corrupt officials trying to stay out of jail, including accused plunderer Maj. Gen Carlos F. Garcia, to come forward, surrender their ill-gotten wealth, and do a Mendoza or a Rabusa, or even a Reyes.

It’s time the sword of justice fell upon all the guilty, from top to bottom. Sans sacred bull. #


                Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, is Chairman of the Filipino United Network – USA, a 501(c)(3) United States Foundation against graft and corruption and for the eradication of poverty in the Philippines. Website:   Email:


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