FUN (USA) distributes Ondoy-Pepeng Typhoon Funds to Parishes GK


The donations received by the Filipino United Network (USA) for its Typhoon Relief Drive in the last couple of months in 2009, were hand-carried to Manila by Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FACS, Chairman of FUN, and handed over to the Christ the King Parish, the Antipolo Parish, the Saint Anthony de Padua in San Francisco del Monte, and to the Gawad Kalinga, last November.

The largest single contribution ($10,000) was made by the Association of Philippine Physicians/Louisiana-GulfCoast, sent to the Filipino United Network (USA) by its Treasurer, Dr. Romeo Hernandez, with the endorsement of its Board, headed by President Douglas Mendoza.

“On behalf of the Filipino United Network (USA), I want to acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation once again the touching and compassionate response of the officers and members of the APPL-GC, and of all our generous donors to the plight of the suffering victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng which, in tandem, hammered Manila and its neighboring towns one after the other,” reiterated Dr Chua.

FUN (USA) selected those four institutions to be recipient of the funds because they have the proper mechanism to distribute the funds to those hardest hit indigent victims, who also lost a loved one.

“We intentionally chose those families who lost a family member to be fully transparent and accountable to our donors, having death certificates to show where the funds went to,” the FUN chairman explained.

Dr. Chua, who opted not to be a signatory in the FUN bank account, in order to inhibit himself from having access to the funds of the Foundation, noted that, in his observation, most Filipinos are reluctant to contribute to humanitarian fund drives, even to the Philippine National Red Cross, because of their bitter past experience of donating and not knowing where their contribution went to.

Besides using some of the funds for acute needs immediately after the two typhoons, the remainder will be utilized for post-disaster rehabilitation. Christ the King, for one, is planning to build a housing project for the disppaced victims of the two calamities.

Interested prospective donors may go to the website of the Filipino United Network (USA), which is:, and click on the orange Donate button on the mid-right section of its Homepage to contribute thru PayPal. Unless anonymity is requested, the donors’ names are posted in the List of Patriot Donors on the FUN website.


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