U.S. Pinoys For Noynoy-Mar

Questions and Answers About the Noynoy-Mar U.S. Campaign
By Atty. Ted Laguatan

Q. Why should we support Noynoy-Mar?

A. The most important kind of leadership that the Philippines needs right now is moral leadership. So many Filipinos now feel hopeless and helpless because the country has had two successive presidents who are known or perceived to be corrupt: the present one and the one before her. Corrupt leaders are not effective leaders. Their followers follow them because of their own selfish motives. Corrupt leaders tend to be followed by corrupt followers. Corrupt leaders place their interests above that of the people leading to so much mass suffering. They impose so many burdens among the people in their quest to enrich themselves and remain in power. Moral leadership is critically needed in the Philippines today.

Q. Will Noynoy be a moral leader?

A. The probability is that he will. His father, the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. - suffered much by being imprisoned for 8 years and then assassinated for refusing to cooperate with evil. He could easily have joined forces with Marcos and could have been a wealthy and powerful crony like so many. Instead he suffered and died for his principles. His mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, although hampered by her lack of experience to rule - was unquestionably sincere in doing her best to serve the interests of the Filipino people who were grateful and loved her for that as indicated by millions who attended her funeral. Noynoy would dishonor the legacies and sacrifices of his parents if he were to be anything else but a moral leader.

Q. Will Mar be a moral leader?

A. Mar is the grandson of the late President Manuel Roxas and the son of the late Senator Gerry Roxas. His father was also imprisoned and oppressed by Marcos for refusing to cooperate with his dictatorship. His grandfather did his best to be president of a country devastated by World War II. With this legacy and an excellent education and coming from a very wealthy family – the probability of Mar becoming corrupt is highly unlikely.

Q. What else about the Noynoy-Mar tandem?

A. They complement each other. Both are well meaning, low key, humble, very approachable, listen well – and do not appear to have ego problems. This means a good working relationship that serves the interests of the nation. Both have excellent public service records untainted by any corruption issues.

Q. Why is the support of U.S. Pinoys and other overseas Pinoys so important to the campaign?

A. In general – overseas Filipinos are perceived to have no personal agendas. We only want what is good for our people and the Philippines. We are not campaigning because we want positions in government or seek business advantages. And so therefore – our support for particular candidates creates an impact among voters in the Philippines. They know that we only want the candidates that are best for the Philippines. So when we generate mass support for particular candidates, the impression is that these candidates are the right candidates for the nation. Our support for Noynoy and Mar influences friends, relatives and others in the Philippines especially our idealistic youth.

Q. Why should U.S. Pinoys and other overseas Pinoys be involved in the coming Philippine elections?

A. The reason so many of us left the Philippines is because we could not find a better life in the Philippines for ourselves and our families. Many of us indeed have found a better life overseas. But so many of our brethren in the Philippines continue to suffer much from poverty and lack of opportunities for a better life. Millions of talented intelligent Filipino children never flower to their full potential in the sciences, arts and other fields because they are not given the opportunities and proper environment to nurture their potentials. The country and its people are hampered by corrupt leaders in a broken political system that clearly does not work to create a better life for the many who are poor. The technology of corruption has been perfected by government officials and their co-conspirators. For many of us here in the U.S. – even if we have found good comfortable lives for ourselves and our children – our lives are not completely fulfilled because many of our fellow Filipinos in the Philippines continue to suffer. We owe it to them and to future generations of Filipinos to help create a better Philippines. This is the reason why we need to get involved in this campaign. This essentially is a campaign for better lives for millions of Filipinos. It is a campaign for real change: change in the system and change in leadership.

Q. How can you help in this campaign?

A. You can help in so many ways to get Noynoy and Mar elected:

1. Urge your friends and relatives and others here and in the Philippines to support Noynoy and Mar. Tell them that moral leadership is critical for the future of our people.

2. Contribute needed money for the campaign. If you contribute by check –make it payable to: “U.S. Pinoys for Noynoy-Mar”.

3. If you cannot contribute money – contribute campaign materials, posters, T-shirts, pamphlets, etc.

4. Use your talents for the campaign: give speeches, write articles, do public relations work, etc. Emphasize the need for moral leadership.

5. Volunteer for some of the activities of the “U.S. Pinoys for Noynoy-Mar”.

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