Fil-Am Friendship-GK-Village in Taguig, Rizal
76 HOMES & 3-story Multi-Purpose Community Center
for completion this year (2008)


Sarie Guanzon-Laserna, M.D., FACOG
President, NCVAPP and Vice Chair, Filipino United Network (USA)
Coordinator, US-GK-Taguig Partnership for Philippine Rebuilding

Recognizing the sad flight of the Philippines’ poor (70%), …. Profoundly impressed by the Gawad Kalinga Home Construction Program of Couples for Christ, initiated by Tony Meloto with its holistic upliftment and empowerment of the poor …. and greatly inspired by love of country and fellowmen …. 3 physician leaders connected with the SPSA (Drs. Manny & Fe Cacdac (Indiana) and Dr. Sarie Guanzon-Laserna (Virginia) on a personal basis pledged to launch a vigorous fundraising campaign to enable them to build a GK village in the metro Manila area. Their prime objective was for them to construct a village that can serve as a template and showcase for other patriots and groups to see and emulate all over the Philippines.

In mid 2006, the three (3) physicians were finally able to locate a perfect site through the assistance of Makati Rotary president Mr. Bobby Rodrigo. Last December 18, 2006, Drs. Manny & Fe Cacdac and Dr. Sarie Guanzon-Laserna along with Taguig Mayor Freddie Tinga, participated in the historic ground breaking of their GK Village named FIL-AM FRIENDSHIP GK VILLAGE in Taguig.

Although not a specific SPSA project, the SPSA has given a total of $10,000 through its fundraising chaired by Drt. Sarie Guanzon-Laserna and co-chaired by Dr. Fe Cacdac. Individual donations raised by both physicians came not only from personal donations of SPSA officers and members but also but also from Friends Ltd., USTMAAA Jubilarians from Class 65/66, PMA’s led by NCVAPP Foundation and SWVAPP Foundation and personal friends of both physicians in the U.S. The Paraiso Fundraiser in the Terre Haute community, Indiana, chaired by Dr. Fe Cacdac brought in over $20,000.

As of July 2007, aside from Drs. Fe Cacdac and Sarie Laserna, a third lady physician, Dr. Aleflor Ragaza from Connecticut has joined the Fil-Am Friendship GK Taguig Fundraising crusade! They are also connected with Filipino United Network (FUN) whose main MISSION is to assist in Philippine Nation Rebuilding!

The group’s recent visit to Taguig last December 4, 2007 gave sheer delight to everyone. Twenty eight (28) homes were already built and another 48 homes are under construction for a total of 76 homes. The other 24 homes (already funded) will be built in another Taguig location that will contain a total of 1,500 homes. (N.B. Mayor Tinga is donating to Gawad Kalinga some 200 hectares of land along Taguig’s shoreline.)

The 3-story multipurpose community center will have a roof deck. A covered facility of about 500 sq. feet will be used as office and conference center for SPSA and other Medical Alumni Associations (US & Phil. Based) & possibly serve as Gawad Kalusugan main headquarters. Each floor of the 3 multipurpose complex will have 150 sq. meters (1,500 sq. ft.) total floor area.

The 1st floor will house the Free Clinic (c/o PEACE) & Daycare CTR (c/o NCVAPP/SWVAPP/CAPP 2nd floor is for vocational and livelihood training program c/o Drs. Cacdac (US) & the Tansecos (Phil) 3rd floor will be funded by Makati Rotary (c/o Bobby Rodrigo) & will be used for computer and business training, infotech and skills MX. It may also have a LIBRARY



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